• Sustainable buildingEarthship Brighton, UK: recycled materials, passive heating/cooling, solar energy, and rainwater collection
  • Living in a natural settingEcovillage El Calabacino, Huelva, Spain: living in a natural setting
  • Restoration and reuse of old contructionsEcovillage El Calabacino, Huelva, Spain: reconstruction and reuse of an old church
  • VeggiesLet food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~Hippocrates
  • The EVD vanThe EVD van: looking for pueblos abandonados in Aragon, Spain
Earthship Brighton Ecovillage El Calabacino Ecovillage El Calabacino, Huelva, Hippocrates The EVD van



30 Oct 2017 Raffle
Buy a raffle ticket and make change to win a prize. Visit our Facebook page for more info: Support EVD foundation! Buy a raffle ticket!.

26 Oct 2017 Fundraiser
We are raising funds to cover our operational costs. Please go to DONATE to make a donation. Thank you

19 Mar 2015 Tree Planting Party
We are hosting a Tree Planting Party on World Earth Day (April 22). Location: Vinha Velha, Lagos, Portugal. Read more on Facebook Tree Planting Party >>